Canberra Park is expecting a Executive Condominium

Parc Life area is beside the Canberra Park. This park has a complete location of 1.5 hectare and also appropriates for every ages. It has a multi-sensory play frameworks that is interesting various detects. Furthermore, Canberra Park obtained a $2.2 million remodelling increase in the year 2014 to change right into today’s outstanding entertainment and also area center. Parc Life EC supplies a complete variety of day spa experiences that nothing else condo have. It has a Light Medspa Pavillion, Rainfall as well as Buddies Day spa, Hydrotherapy Medspa, Vapor Health spa, Yard Medspa, Play Medspa as well as Children Bubble Health facility. Really indulging and also lavish experience to have.”

Frasers Centrepoint Limited and also Keong Hong Holdings Limited collectively created Parc Life Exec Condo at 21 Sembawang Crescent Singapore 757053. This Sembawang EC contends overall variety of 628 residences. It includes 2 bed room to 5 room kind. Parc Life valued at $596,820 for a 2 bed room at 753 square feet. The 3 room access rate is from $704,620 for 958 square feet as well as the 4 bed room is opting for $980,000 for 1270 square feet.

All devices in Parc Life are splashed right into 3 various groups of kind called Viva, Panorama and also Verandah. The Viva variety has a really typical format similar to any kind of normal apartment. The View, has a lengthy terrace that covers the whole living and also eating location. The kitchen area, has a modern-day layout with glass panelling to make it possible for the residence manufacturer to peek right into the living-room while in the kitchen location. The Verandah array, is one of the most recommended selection, has actually a connected living-room veranda to kitchen area. A modern-day premium cooking area principle is likewise shown in Verandah array with complete panel of glass dividing the cooking area as well as living-room. The 3 room Verandah is going from $805,560 onwards.

Parc Life showflat will certainly stop opening up from 9 October 2017 at Sembawang Crescent

Regarding Terrace EC Developer

The Terrace EC Developer, Peak Square Pte Ltd under the parent company of Kheng Leong Pte Ltd has been Singapore’s property forerunner since 1963. It is the country’s registered international property and Hotel Corporation involved in hotel ownership and management, real estate development and investment, facilities management and the provision of hospitality solutions. As a leading Singapore’s proprietor. It holds a remarkable record of developing over 34000 comfortable and quality homes all over the varied market segments.
It also owns about 7.2 million square feet of floor/lettable industrial, retail, area of office, residential and hotel space within the country and around the globe. Amid private developers in Singapore, city developments limited owns one of the largest land banks nearing 2.4 million square feet, which can be possibly established into over 7.9 million square feet of gross floor area.
To contribute to social corporate responsibility, Kheng Leong has been committed to sustainability and is currently taking the lead in maintaining Singapore’s environment since the 1990s. Kheng Leong is likewise a founding member of Singapore Compact for CSR In 2009 and 2011, it emerged as the only developer to be given the Built Environment Leadership Platinum Award and Green Mark Platinum Champion Award, respectively. This was given by the building and construction authority (BCA), the governing of Singapore’s built environment.  In 2013, CDL was the first developer to receive the prestigious Quality Excellence Award — Quality Champion (Platinum) and Construction Productivity Award — Advocates (Platinum) from BCA. is one of their award winning development recently in the region.

What are the necessities in building a home

Kovan area, which holds Stars of Kovan, has a great deal of amenities,the biggest of all, the Heartland mall. This mall consists of four floors which house shops, supermarkets, tuition block on the fourth floor and a cold storage room. This is really a plus when it comes to living in the area. There are also a number of nearby service outlets that provide good customer service.

Next, good schools. Building a home brings the need of having kids to warm your days, these kids need to be provided with quality education for a brighter future. Kovan area seems to have taken that into consideration and provided the area with good schools. There is the Xinghua primary school and Yuying secondary school which provide good quality education. You don’t have to worry about sending your children to study far away because in Kovan you are handled.

Thirdly, worship places. Mostly people are religious and they have their supreme being whom they worship. In your home, a place of worship should be situated in a comfortable distance to allow you to continue with your religion. Kovan has wonderful worship places for almost all the religions. There is St. Paul’s Chapel for the Christians, Buddhist Union for those who worship Buddha, Jin Xuang temple and mosques for Muslims.

Fourly, security. Every individual loves to live a life knowing that they are safe from any form of crime or violence. Security has always been a number one issue in everybody’s mind. The idea that your belongings are safe from theft or break-ins, come home late and arrive safely. Kovan area is a silent suburb which is very safe and secure. Your security is guaranteed because Kovan residents are peaceful and respectable people. The availability of police and law enforcement officers in the area also allows for proper security measures to be undertaken to ensure your security as a resident.

Five, building. Everyone desires to live in a classy building. A building which gives them a good value for their money. Stars of Kovan is tailored to suit the people’s needs. It boasts of the best layout in the whole of Kovan and it’s neighborhood. The building construction is done by the best contractors under a great competent management which will ensure that a perfect condominium will be completed by the year 2019. Stars of Kovan condominium will have spacious hospitable units which will suit your needs.

Understanding Why Investors Are Buying Sim Urban Oasis

As an honored company that has also been given an award for being the best developer, GuocoLand makes spaces for individuals to live, play and work The Organization is conferred in its endeavors to create outlines and to incorporate naturally supportable components in its property development to lessen negative effect to the earth GuocoLand additionally guarantees that business operations completed are naturally feasible. Additional step had been taken to create structures that conform to the rules set by neighborhood building dominant voices in which the Group works in, and is generally perceived for its eco-accommodating recompense winning advancements

Good housing with the cool environment is what an average human being desire to experience Nobody on Earth wants to live in the slums, however, lack of financial freedom is a factor that has made many people live in places that they don’t wish to be in Despite the increase of real estate business that has created the competition in the housing sector, good houses have emerged in many towns across the world making life simply enjoyable regarding shelter Unfortunately, not all houses that are built with modern technology will provide the best condition that you require In this case. Sims Urban Oasis seems to be the best solution for you It is built with modern technology that meets all the requirements that are put in place by the concerned authorities in the building and construction sector Apart from meeting the requirements, Sim Urban Oasis is situated in the best location that enables all the tenants to gel essential services from the nearby town

There are crucial things that an individual should check before renting any house These include roads, hospitals, schools, recreational realities such as stadiums and parks, and more importantly the availability of shopping facilities such as supermarkets and mails that acts as the main source of food supply Luckily enough, Sim Urban Oasis has all these important requirements for its tenants It is very close to Marina Bay Sand.

The availabilities on the units can be found on this website link

New Launch District 11 Strata Landed – The Whitley Residences

There is good news in store for people going on a wild spree for house hunt at Singapore. To fullfill your cherish dream of owning freehold Semi-Detached House and Terrace located at Whitley Road in District 11 is within the reach of your budget. The Whitley Residences, is the apt place to have a heavenly abode. This is being widely recognized as the hotspot for prospective buyers.

The peaceful environment and comfortable commuting options are enriching the Whitley Residences at Singapore. These Residences are just a stone’s throw away from MRT Station. This project comprises of 58 units of Semi Detached Houses and 3 units with Terrace. Manifold feeder bus services nearby these Whitley Residences are an added star for the resident’s convenience for commuting. Noted Educational institutions such as Saint Joseph’s institution, Catholic Junior College and Anglo-Chinese School, are just a few footsteps from this residency.
The Whitley residences is popular among property buyers for its strategic location and proximity to Ten Tock Sen Hospital and the Maritchie Reservior Park. The rising popularity among buyers for this project is availability of bigger space at lesser costs, multiple gardens and play area and a clean and fresher atmosphere for the good health of their elders in their families.
The quintessential idea is to provide a quality living. The Whitley Residences veritably stands for comfort. Its strategic location facilities and easy connectivity is another milestone. The Whitley Residences would continue to stand testament to our commitment as the best housing. This is the best investment which has potential for the future. The Whitley splendid Residences will pay you more than what your money can buy.

Considering factors on the selection of unit in Royal Square

In summary, when choosing the best layout for selecting a unit in Royal Square think of an efficient layout which means there should be no wasted space on extremely large hallways and rooms should be large and spacious. there should be provision of split rooms each having their own walls, there should be sufficient lighting – have big windows that bring in natural sunlight during the day.

These are just but some considerations one has to make when picking which unit best suits them and their business. There are of course many more considerations depending on the taste and needs of the client and how pocket friendly the prices are to the client. Visiting of other suites will enable one to have a rough idea of how they want their unit to look like so visit that next door suite that has just been built even though you are not making a purchase to get a feel of what it is you want.

Investing in Royal Square is however a worthy investment as one is assured of a steady flow of retailers and buyers and also it will be easy to hire personnel in a fast growing place such as Novena Singapore thus a decision to invest should be made without hesitation.  The growth of Novena can be found in

The restaurants with unit size ranging form 21 to 248 square metres are located on the first two levels strategically located to offer convenience to patients from the Health facility or general public in the development interested in shopping in the facility. The square is a strategic shopping center due to its proximity to the many residential areas of the city like District 11 and it’s role as a healthcare destination not only in the country but globally, hence offering a broad customer base for the investors.

The medical suites will be located from the 7th to the 21st floor and the hotel will be on the 23rd to the 33rd floor to offer a calm, convenience and serene environment for the patients the patrons in the hotel and also to reduce the number of people that gain access to those sectors when they are not required to be there. Investments in the medical suites and the hotels is strategic considering most of the visitors to the area are of the mission of seeking either healthcare or education based on the healthcare sector and it would b e convcenient for them to reside within proximity to the medical institutions and the Royal Square offers such. On the 6th floor there would be space for open terrace restaurants with sizes of 240-455 square metres. Restaurants are always of great demand in areas with high traffic flow of people and as such would be an advisable investment offering catering services to the expected many tourists, locals and people seeking medical care.

Thomson Impressions – Living within the nature enclave

There are only a few developments in Singapore that enable you to enjoy the paranomic view of the nature.  To name a few, Adana @ Thomson, Meadows @ Peirce, the former Longhouse (acquired by TEE Realty) are the few privileged ones to have the nature living just outside their home.  Thomson Impressions is another fabulous condo that is able to enjoy the nature.  MacRitichie Reservior and Upper Peirce and Lower Peirce Reservoir are nearby to this new launch project.  More information, you may visit

Macritchie Reservior

Relaxing views of MacRitchie Reservior


New Launch in District 20 Singapore Thomson Impressions

It is the newly launched impression in Singapore, situated along Sin Ming Avenue. The impression is expected to have about 300 residential units varying from one bed room to strata houses.This will help to suit various categories of people wishing to seek residents in the impression. It is found on a wide piece of land covering 113 051 square feet.

Benefits of buying a unit in Thomson Impressions:
Surrounded by amenities – Thomson impression is strategically located such that it is within close range with very important amenities. These include; shopping mall which comprises of retail specialty shops, food and beverage outlets and a supermarket. The shopping mall will enable the residents to acquire necessities at ease since little transport cost is incurred. Also there is a nearby hub that can still serve Impression residents.
Proximity to best schools – The impression is surrounded by a good number of best performing schools both in terms of academic records and extra curricula activities like sports. The schools are both at primary and secondary level. Still there is a college and a university. These amenities ensures education needs of the residents is well taken care of. The Thomson Impressions Layout
Recreational facilities – There are some good recreational facilities like a park and clubs within the close proximity of the impression. The facilities provide the best avenue to get relaxed and even hold special celebrations like birthday party.
Accessibility infrastructure – The area has good infrastructure that can allow vehicles like trains,bus to access the place with ease.Also,there residents can access the place with their private vehicles.
A wide number of floors – The residential unit has a good number of floors that can allow occupants to select one which can best suit his or her needs.
It has a more secure car park inside the residential building. For the residents who owns private vehicles,they have a place to house it. Also within the compound, there is a car wash services provided at no cost to vehicles’ owners.
The green environment outside the residential units make the place more attractive. This encourages residents to have a rest within the compound without necessarily going for outings.


Thomson Impression developer
Presence of clean treated water for domestic use are available within the apartment. This reduces the expenses that would have otherwise been incurred.
Unrestricted use of electricity is also guaranteed. In case of power black-out,there is a standby generator.
Since the Impression is located on the outskirts of the town,it is a quiet place to rest on.
The charges per residential unit is quite pocket friendly. It also varies depending on the resident financial capability.
The electric fence all round the compound ensures that the security of the residents is well taken care of.Also, at the main gate is a group well trained security guards to ensure only the residents are allowed access to the place. For Thomson impressions floor plan. Click here
A swimming pool is also found inside. This facility is well maintained by draining off water regularly and draining in clean and treated ones.

Hot Deals in Singapore District 3

Imagine living at one of the most prestigious addresses in one of the most spectacular places in the world.
Well, Secure Venture Developments is offering the opportunity right now with the Principal Garden development in Singapore.

Located in the Alexandra District of Singapore the Principal Garden certainly does have the right credentials in terms of address.
The Alexandra District is at the heart of absolutely everything. It has grown into one of Singapore’s booming industrial hubs of technoparks and is home to global international companies such as Mitsubishi, Ikea, Mercedes and other automobile giants.
To keep up with all this development of Alexandra Road; Malls, Condo’s and residential areas have sprung up. And as a result the area is a high density mix of industrial hub and residential housing, amenities and transport infrastructure.
Principal Garden is located on the exclusive Prince Charles Crescent and is nestled amongst many salubrious embassy buildings. It is only a ten minute drive to the central business district and the Harbor Front is just a little over that. Redhill MRT and Great World MRT stations are only shorts walks away from the condominium.
Anchorpoint and Queensway Malls are close by and there are numerous prestigious schools for your children’s education in the district.
The Principal Garden’s main design focus is to create the perfect living space for it’s residents. There is a huge forested area to bring serenity and harmony with the living environment. And each of the four blocks has it’s own seasoned theme with specific selected tree plantation.
There are four lawns, a well-equipped 2,000Ssq. ft. gym all surrounded by forest and reflecting pools. There are also four lap pools to choose from, and a large salt water pool. Also available is a private dining room and a clubhouse housing a wine cellar and lounge.
The entire site is enormous and is in the region of 270,000sq. ft. Over 200,000sq. ft. is actually garden, forest and water landscapes. It is quite a unique living concept and few developments can offer or compete against such extravagant attention to their residents’ well-being.
In reality there is nothing missing a person could possibly desire, in a crowded, the bustling metropolis like Singapore such space and freedom is a rare commodity.
Principal Garden that consists of four 24-storey blocks with a total of 663 units. The most typical units range from one bedroom to four bedroom. There is also a limited number of Principal Collection units found only on the 22nd to 24th storey’s.

The individual unit sizes are here:
1 Bedroom (3 types) start at 484sq. ft
2 Bedroom (7 types) start at 764sq. ft
3 Bedroom (3 types) start at 1076sq. ft
4 Bedroom start at 1572sq. ft
4+1 (Principal Collection) 2002sq. ft
5+1 (Principal Collection) 2347sq. ft

Principal Garden Singapore is a one off, there is nowhere else that can possibly offer this futuristic concept of design in an urban environment. The focus incorporates the outdoor space as the main consideration for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. The location chosen pays compliment to the needs of today’s busy commuter and the living units are spacious and well appointed.
Over all a most desirable place to live.

Visit here

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