Considering factors on the selection of unit in Royal Square

In summary, when choosing the best layout for selecting a unit in Royal Square think of an efficient layout which means there should be no wasted space on extremely large hallways and rooms should be large and spacious. there should be provision of split rooms each having their own walls, there should be sufficient lighting – have big windows that bring in natural sunlight during the day.

These are just but some considerations one has to make when picking which unit best suits them and their business. There are of course many more considerations depending on the taste and needs of the client and how pocket friendly the prices are to the client. Visiting of other suites will enable one to have a rough idea of how they want their unit to look like so visit that next door suite that has just been built even though you are not making a purchase to get a feel of what it is you want.

Investing in Royal Square is however a worthy investment as one is assured of a steady flow of retailers and buyers and also it will be easy to hire personnel in a fast growing place such as Novena Singapore thus a decision to invest should be made without hesitation.  The growth of Novena can be found in

The restaurants with unit size ranging form 21 to 248 square metres are located on the first two levels strategically located to offer convenience to patients from the Health facility or general public in the development interested in shopping in the facility. The square is a strategic shopping center due to its proximity to the many residential areas of the city like District 11 and it’s role as a healthcare destination not only in the country but globally, hence offering a broad customer base for the investors.

The medical suites will be located from the 7th to the 21st floor and the hotel will be on the 23rd to the 33rd floor to offer a calm, convenience and serene environment for the patients the patrons in the hotel and also to reduce the number of people that gain access to those sectors when they are not required to be there. Investments in the medical suites and the hotels is strategic considering most of the visitors to the area are of the mission of seeking either healthcare or education based on the healthcare sector and it would b e convcenient for them to reside within proximity to the medical institutions and the Royal Square offers such. On the 6th floor there would be space for open terrace restaurants with sizes of 240-455 square metres. Restaurants are always of great demand in areas with high traffic flow of people and as such would be an advisable investment offering catering services to the expected many tourists, locals and people seeking medical care.